Büro, Industrieareale

Spinnerei Leipzig

Art finds a home here

Year of construction: 1884 - 1907
Reconstruction: 2000 - today
Floor space: 90.000 m2
Address: Spinnereistraße 7, 04179 Leipzig


The Spinnerei (spinning mill) is an historic factory, which grew to become the largest cotton spinning mill in mainland Europe between 1884 and 1907. The site measuring roughly 12 hectares not only houses the factory, but a garden, workers’ flats and a day nursery area. The complex preservation work on the historic building enabled a slow, but continual renewal of the factory through alternative usage after the decline of cotton yarn production in the early 1990s. Art production, art presentations and art trading have developed into one major focus within the spinning mill.


More than 80 professional artists, from the field of fine arts alone, work at the site. Eleven galleries and exhibition areas present art from Leipzig and all over the world.

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