Büro, Industrieareale

Konsumzentrale Leipzig

A ship in clinker

Projektlaufzeit: seit 2018
Gesamtfläche: ca. 26.000 m2
Adresse: Industriestraße 85-95, 04229 Leipzig


The Konsum Leipzig eG has transferred its headquarters and the premises of the consumer center to the MIB on a long-term lease basis.

The entire ensemble of buildings will be renovated and modernized in the coming years, while the rental space will be redesigned and adapted to the requirements of today's rental market. In addition, an increase of individual buildings by up to four storeys is planned. The total area would thus increase from today's approx. 25,000 m2 to more than 30,000 m2. Underground parking is already available under the grounds.

The revaluation of the property includes, among other things, the representative headquarters of Konsum Leipzig eG, from which the fortunes of the approximately 60 branches in central Germany are steered.

In addition, the creation of a lively quarter with a nationwide appeal in the up-and-coming Leipzig West is being considered. In the consumer center, innovative entrepreneurial ideas should connect with the experience and network of long-standing market participants. Not least through the combination of existing and new tenants, synergies are to be achieved in a transparent, lively area.

The listed buildings of the consumer center were built in the years 1930-1933 to plans by the architect Fritz Höger (Chilehaus Hamburg). The building ensemble, whose form is modeled on the dynamics of an ocean liner, shines through its architectural richness of detail.