Büro, Einzelhandel

Messehof Leipzig

Arcade 2.0

Year of construction: 1949 - 1950
Reconstruction: 2005 - 2006
Retail space: 5.500 m2
Office / trade space: 6.100 m2
Address: Petersstraße 15, 04109 Leipzig



The Messehof was one of the first major urban buildings to emerge from the rubble of the post-war period in 1948/49 and later became a listed building as a typical example of 1950s gabled structures. After the gables were uncovered and some of them demolished, it is now home to an arcade that has been completely renovated to provide a shopping area. The listed parts of the building also house modern offices. The floor space after refurbishment is approx. 11,600 square metres.

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