Neue Mitte Fürth

Extension of the pedestrian zone

Year of construction: 2014 - 2015
Retail space: 13.00o m2
Office / trade space: 3.000 m2
Address: Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße, 90762 Fürth


MIB purchased the necessary plots of land for the Neue Mitte Fürth project from the city of Fürth in December 2011. MIB developed an integrated , individual concept for this project with the English firm of architects, DunnettCraven.


In the past, the fragmentation and unusually high degree of preservation of the many listed buildings in the centre of Fürth ensured that there was hardly any connected or large-scale retail space. A shopping centre with about 13,000 square metres of retail space and approx.


3,000 square metres of office space is being created on a site measuring 7,500 square metres and it will open up opportunities for small, medium-sized and large retail companies and attractive offices and practices that the disabled can access too.

Project development starts with a good idea – and a good sense of intuition. We check both thoroughly to ensure they are reliable.