Chain store operators rely on MIB shopping concepts

Nothing is more boring than the same thing all the time. This principle applies to shopping centres too. Travellers often complain that you find the same shops everywhere – even in the shopping centre at home…


But monotony is not the order of the day at inner-city centres that we develop. MIB’s shopping concepts are unique – with plenty of atmosphere and an integrated approach.


And “integrated” means that we include the “McDonalds effect”: why do even tourists and visitors to a town like eating at McDonalds instead of trying the local cuisine? Because it simplifies matters, we believe. Faced with the many new impressions in a town, it is good to find something familiar and standardised. It provides a little security and consistency – in a surprisingly new guise.


So our shopping centres always contain both elements. None of them is completely new or completely traditional. If we develop shopping centres, we integrate traders in a unique project idea that does justice to the local district’s appeal. At the same time, we plan as many standards as necessary so that chain store operators with their special concepts can easily fit in. An individual shell contains familiar structures and the tenants can quickly become an essential part and achieve success.


Chain store operators reward this approach with long-standing trust. Partners like H&M, C&A, Zara, Douglas, s.Oliver, ESPRIT, StreetOne, Bestseller, Bjou Brigitte, RENO, Deichmann, Colloseum, REWE, “dm” and many others know that they are moving into a lively setting with MIB – with like-minded companies with a long-term sales strategy and with customers, who love the centre’s atmosphere.


And while we are talking about trust: retailers are partners – long-term ones. We have never disappointed them – and they have never dissatisfied us either.

Retailers belong in town centres - and MIB develops centres. We do not just erect new buildings and leave old buildings in their original state. We dare to think along new lines.