Family Offices


MIB as a partner for family offices

Three terms describe our dealings with capital: “reliable”, “profitable” and “long-term”. We find strategically reliable funding systems, because we establish trust at the point where we can gain access to long-term and flexible structures. We rely on long-term partnerships because we can focus on the issues in well-oiled teams, not on formalities. As a result, we can operate profitably.


Solid investments

The fact that we have been operating in the market place since 1994 reflects the success of our project management work. Private and institutional investors trust MIB. Even though we do not tie ourselves to institutional investors, we have a secure and long-term basis for funding our projects.


We know which concept fits a property and when – one that is solid and innovative at the same time. We mainly rely on private capital and link it to outside capital from banks, with which we have been cooperating for a long time. In the case of particularly large and complex projects, we involve institutional investors and banks in our process structures. The strategic asset creation for those involved and the reliability of the project benefit from this.


The project itself determines the role that we play in funding our projects – whether as a joint venture partner or the sole backer.



Long-term investments with partners

We do not want to see the term “sustainability” degenerate simply into a catchphrase. One of the principles at MIB has always been to be aware of our actions and blend in the effects of our activities with the surroundings. We call it long-term planning. The project itself is a sustainable investment with MIB. Even when considering the project idea, we think about how the property can be sustainable in the long term. As we always work with integration in mind, buildings are created to fit into their surroundings in a profitable way and breathe life into the area. It goes without saying that we always check the latest technologies with our partners to find energy-efficient and ecological solutions. Sustainability has many facets.


Local authorities and the general public appreciate what is unique about our projects and this guarantees high levels of acceptance, particularly for inner-city schemes. Chain-store operators know that they have a partner in MIB that can offer them professional standards in an individual setting – without mentioning the satisfied users.


We safeguard long-term operations for our projects with GermanReal as our partner in asset, property and centre management.

Retailers belong in town centres - and MIB develops centres. We do not just erect new buildings and leave old buildings in their original state. We dare to think along new lines.