What do we really do?

Retail business belongs in town centres. MIB develops centres. We do not just erect new buildings and do not leave old structures as they are. We dare to rethink issues. We carefully integrate existing features in individual shopping and business concepts with a great deal of innovation. Our experience enables us to be different. 
Good project development work means maintaining a balance between the familiar and the unknown. Institutional investors and local authorities particularly need to act in a cost-effective and responsible manner towards tenants and the general public. Major inner-city projects attract great interest, but often plenty of criticism too. So we gear our experience, our ability and our structures to safely handling all the technical and commercial procedures so that there is room to venture into the unknown.


Our heritage

Based on more than 20 years of experience, we believe that we have reliably proven our work with our partners, architects, engineers, building firms and building administrators. Domestic and international chain store operators know that we are reliable partners when renting space and they are open to new project ideas. We adapt our processes to the new communications challenges. Based on long-standing business relationships with banks, family offices and other investors, we inject capital – most of it, our own. And we have project ideas!







Developing a concept

There is always something special at the outset: an inner-city area, which lacks the appeal of a wide range of retailers, or a centre, which only becomes feasible through close networking with the inner-city retailers or a new shopping concept, which is suddenly practical because we can integrate the listed buildings in the area as commercial property.


Thinking from a position in the future

This is the challenge that stimulates us. We think beyond what seems natural, analyse the circumstances, check what is feasible and develop a vision for the future. This gives birth to the project idea – and it acts as the key to the all-round concept that combines existing features, the potential and the way that the property will be used.


Keeping everybody on board to play their part

Things are simple because we avoid complications. Everything we consider before starting the building work means there are no problems in the subsequent phases. So we include the parties involved in our planning work: our long-term partners, architects, engineers and consultants, potential tenants, investors, local authority contracting authorities and planners – and those who will breathe life into the property at a later stage: the users, visitors and interested public. We call this transparent sustainability. It helps us keep our feet on the ground – and maintain our profitability.

If the site is ideal and it is feasible to implement the project idea, we inject capital from our own funds with long-standing partners.