Würzburg-Estenfeld An den Linden

Ideal facilities for families near Würzburg

Year of construction: since 2008
Land area: 25.000 m2
Parcelling: 50 single plots
Address: An den Linden 2, 97230 Estenfeld


The site of the former brickworks in Estenfeld near Würzburg is outstanding because of its favourable transport links to Würzburg, but also because it forms a harmonious part of the community of Estenfeld itself.


By drawing up a completely new development plan, MIB has been able to convert and open up the »An den Linden« residential area measuring about three hectares with more than 50 building lots for detached, semi-detached and terraced houses measuring between 400 and 1500 square metres.


The project development work took place in close cooperation with the town of Estenfeld and was successfully completed in five years.  

Project development starts with a good idea – and a good sense of intuition. We check both thoroughly to ensure they are reliable.