Our history in milestones

March 2019
The last stop of his visit to Leipzig brought Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier to the Spinnerei. During the extensive tour, there were discussions with the local artists, and the President also met with the scholarship holders of the Leipzig International Art Program.
December 2018
A loft office with 2,000 square meters will be the new headquarters of Staffbase in Chemnitzer Wirkbau. The industrial charm of the area was consciously preserved.
July 2018
The world of chocolate can now be experienced in the Grimmaische Straße in Leipzig's city. The Swiss chocolate manufacturer Lindt opened his shop in the shopping street at the Unicampus.
May 2018
The nationwide day of urban development was opened by Federal Minister Horst Seehofer in the Spinnerei. Subsequently, the Minister visited together with Leipzig Mayor Burkhardt Jung the Spinnereigelände.
January 2018
The new Nuremberg business park "Auf AEG" attracts new tenants. Approx. 19,000 m² were leased to Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics (SPPAL). The SPPAL locations in Nuremberg and Fürth will be merged "Auf AEG". At the same time, contracts were signed with the traditional Nuremberg company Eschenbach Optik for more than 3,500 m² of rental space and with the Bavarian Chamber of Architects. Existing contracts with tenants Electrolux, Energiecampus Nürnberg and the state of Bavaria were extended. This means that almost all areas of the area are occupied.
October 2017
At the Holm in Flensburg another building ensemble of the Nord-Ostsee-Sparkasse was acquired. In the 1a location, approx. 2,500 sqm of retail space will be settled in the future.
November 2016
The city of Nuremberg awards the architectural award for outstanding achievements at the design of structural environment in urban areas as well as the sustainability of single buildings in accordance with the location. The explanation states: „Auf AEG outstandingly shows the revitalization of a former industrial district that lives on in his buildings and the new name. While preserving the better part of the high-quality industrial buildings and creating new, partially already greened courtyards a versatile generous developed quarter for production, trade, banking industry, education and research institutions was successfully created – in skilled interaction of a courageous project developer and the city of Nuremberg. The area which had been fenced for 90 years – in that time part of the working biography of many citizens of Nuremberg - now has changed to an open vivid part of town that equally offers space for ambitious manufacturing and service companies and an alternative art and cultural scene.
February 2016
The historical Wirkbau site at the centre of Chemnitz has changed hands. MIB has acquired the former factory premises. As a specialist for former industrial properties, MIB Coloured Fields GmbH, a subsidiary of MIB AG, will continue to develop the site over the long term. MIB Coloured Fields GmbH has already revitalised two large industrial wastelands (Spinnerei in Leipzig and the former AEG factory in Nuremberg) and turned them into vibrant districts.
March 2015
The first part of the Neue Mitte Fürth centre has been opened. Fürth’s mayor, Dr Thomas Jung, cut through the red tape at 10 a.m. on Thursday 12 March to enable shoppers to enter the first section. Visitors streamed into the stores operated by C&A, Mengin, “dm”, “hunkemöller”, s.Oliver and the Samocca café on the four opening days up to and including Sunday. The centre of Fürth, which also hosted the spring market at the same time, attracted a huge rush of visitors from the town and its surrounding area.
February 2015
Acquisition of a factory from the 19th century
„Kraftwerk Bille“, a late 19th century factory complex, is located in the industrial east of Hamburg, in Hammerbrook. Following the development of the “HafenCity” the central location of Hammerbrook gets more and more into focus of urban planning and becomes part of a long-term development project under the heading “space for urban pioneers”. The vicinity to the city center, the attractive waterfront location and numerous green spaces promise manifold perspectives.
August 2014
20 years of MIB
The MIB Group was able to celebrate 20 years of successful business on 29 August 2014. During this time, the company has grown into a developer and investor that is active across Germany. We are proud of what we have achieved and are looking forward to the next 20 years of excellent cooperation with our project partners.
May 2014
The foundation for the Neue Mitte Fürth centre was laid with the mayor of Fürth, Dr. Thomas Jung. A time capsule with newspapers, coins and photos was placed into the base slab in line with a good old building tradition, as many invited guests from the worlds of politics and business looked on.
July 2013
Acquisition of an office and commercial building in a top location in Flensburg: the start of the refurbishment and renewal work.
May 2013
Large parts of the existing buildings are being dismantled for our project in the inner-city area of Fürth. Two building sites to the left and right of Rudolf-Breitscheid-Strasse are emerging.
March 2013
Bavaria’s Finance Minister, Dr. Markus Söder, Economics Minister Martin Zeil and Science Minister Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch opened the Nuremberg Energy Campus on the former AEG site. A top-class international energy research centre is being established here as a showcase project.
October 2012
Completed. The building work lasted eighteen months – and matched the World Cultural Heritage standards. 55 stores are now under one roof directly in the old part of Wittenberg, next to the historic town hall. People flocked to the opening. After the Arsenalplatz had been wasteland for centuries, Wittenberg is now a shopping magnet for the region.
May 2012
The Leipzig firm of architects Weis & Volkmann is the winner of the architect workshop chosen to redesign the Neue Mitte centre in Fürth. In conjunction with the London firm of architects DunnettCraven, it provided a design, which persuaded the jury and it will now be used to build the new shopping centre at the centre of Fürth. It involves commercial buildings next to the pedestrian zone, instead of a new shopping centre.
March 2012
The name has been found. The huge retail project in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage town will be called ARSENAL. Most entries in the public competition with a prize suggested this name. The subject of great debate, but catchy and historically correct – the building site is next to the central Arsenalplatz.
May 2011
Retail space and apartments are being created right next to the Turmstrasse underground station in Berlin. Not far from the government district, the former department store is being converted into a modern business and residential property.
February 2011
The Reno shoe chain will open a new store in the former Karstadt bedding centre in March. The remaining floors in the commercial property will provide office space. The property built in the 1980s has been acquired by Highstreet-Konsortium and will now be brought back to life. The first step is now complete.
November 2009
The preparation work for the building is complete. There is now a large excavation pit about 6 m deep next to the town hall in Hofheim. The foundation stone time capsule was embedded in line with the good old building tradition in the presence of District Administrator Berthold Gall and Mayor Gisela Stang.
July 2009
82 apartments have been handed over to French soldiers’ families in Baden-Württemberg on the river Danube. There are not only flats, but a school and a day nursery too. It took two years to complete the project in conjunction with Auf der Höh’ Immobilien GmbH, Wuppertal.
October 2008
EUR 30 million have been invested in this sub-project for the new university building together with the Free State of Saxony. A new institute building for economics has been created on Grimmaische Strasse. The ground floor of the university campus has retail space for international brands like Starbucks, Levis, Tamaris, Promod and “dm”.
April 2008
Auerbach’s cellar is a world-famous tourist magnet, as is Mädler-Passage, where the cellar is situated. It was built to imitate the style in Milan at the start of the 20th century. MIB is taking over the property, which has been the top address for retailers in Leipzig for more than 20 years. Its emphasis on high-quality retailers will be retained and expanded. The search to find tenants to rent the office space will go ahead too.
January 2008
There is a new feel to the former AEG factory. Instead of heavy machines and conveyor belt work, artists are moving into the rooms. Studios, loft apartments, restaurants will be created. The renewal of the site purchased in the summer of 2007 has started.
February 2007
The old university campus building on Grimmaische Strasse is being demolished. A new institute building for Leipzig University is being constructed next to the pedestrian zone and will house a wide variety of retail outlets. Completion is due at the end of 2008.
September 2006
From an old factory building to a housing estate: the change has been initiated with a ground-breaking ceremony. The site offers space for about 50 homes.
May 2006
Hewlett-Packard’s former production site is being converted into a modern office park after the sale. The concept changes the building from a single user to a multi-tenant site. Flexible space ranging from 200 to 5,300 square metres will attract all kinds of potential commercial tenants.
November 2005
The collection of buildings constructed in 1750 is being largely refurbished and the tenancy situation improved.
September 2003
The building constructed in 1903 is located right on the western inner city ring road. Now that it has been acquired, the tenancy concept for the office space between the 1st and 4th floors will be introduced.
May 2004
The commercial building very close to Erfurt Cathedral will house retailers and offices after its renovation.
November 2004
With the partial demolition in the interior area, a new era is dawning for the Messehofpassage. All the tenants had to move out to make way for the new building and extensive redevelopment work on the front sections. The interior is being opened up above four floors to allow daylight into the newly created centre. After the conversion work, retailers and office tenants will use the Messehof.
November 1999
The key redevelopment of the housing complex started two months after the purchase. The residents will be family members of the British armed forces.
Januar 2019
The EUROPA light installation, a logo made of 33 neon tubes, was installed on the roof of the Kraftwerk Bille. The light installation is visible up to the Elbe bridges. The art project stands for a united and open Europe.
October 2018
The conversion of the former Nord-Ostsee-Sparkassen headquarters has begun. By the end of 2019, office space will be created on the upper floors. Woolworth will purchase a retail space on the ground floor after completion of the renovation. NOSPA will remain at the site with a machine area.
July 2018
The Konsum Leipzig eG has transferred its headquarters and the premises of the Konsumzentrale to the MIB on a long-term lease basis. The entire ensemble of buildings will be renovated in the coming years, modernized and at the same time the rental space will be redesigned. In addition, an increase of individual buildings by up to four storeys is planned. MIB intends to create a lively district with a supra-regional appeal in the up-and-coming Leipzig West. In the consumer center, innovative entrepreneurial ideas should connect with the experience and network of long-standing market participants.
February 2018
Office space in Halle/Saale
Right next to the newly built central building of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Mitteldeutschland MIB was acquiring two commercial properties with an area of approx. 10,000 m2 and a multi-family house with approx. 300 m2 of living space. Free rental space will be marketed and modernized for each user. An increase in space increases parking capacity.
December 2017
Former freight depot becomes residential area
Deutsche Bahn has sold the former freight depot Chemnitz-Altendorf to the MIB. The land utilisation plan provides for the approx. 30,000 m2 large area future residential development. The development of the key plan is currently in progress. The parcelling and the developmental maturity of the total area will be completed in 2020.
April 2017
The pedestrian area in Flensburg/Holm has gained four more strong brands. WMF, ecco-Schuhe, White-Stuff and dm have opened their stores at Förde Kontor Flensburg.
June 2016
The former headquarters of NOSPA is currently being converted on Am Holm in Flensburg. The building work is taking place on the interior at the moment so that we will be able to use the complex, which consists of three buildings, as a combined residential and office structure after the extensive conversion and modernisation work. The “dm” drugstore chain, WMF, the specialist for kitchen accessories and utensils, “ecco” shoes and the English fashion label “White Stuff” will open their stores on the ground floor during the first half of 2017. This is one of the first shops that “White Stuff” will open in Germany.
September 2015
After the southern part of the Neue Mitte centre in Fürth was opened in March earlier in the year, the connected buildings on the other side of the road have now also been completed on time for the autumn season. The new retail centre on Rudolf-Breitscheid-Strasse was handed over to the public in Fürth with a huge shower of confetti.
February 2015
Kraftwerk Bille, a factory complex from the late 19th century, is located in the industrially oriented East of Hamburg, in Hammerbrook. Following the development of HafenCity, the central location of Hammerbrook will be the focus of urban planning and will become part of a long-term development project under the motto »Space for Urban Pioneers«. The proximity to the city center, the attractive waterfront location and the numerous green spaces promise a variety of perspectives for the Kraftwerk Bille.
November 2014
MIB has purchased a residential and office property on Nymphenburger Strasse in the city’s Neuhausen-Nymphenburg district; it is a listed building. The 23 residential and commercial units provide space measuring approx. 3,100 square metres. The office premises are mainly used by solicitors and doctors at the moment. Most of the flats are occupied by tenants and the few empty ones will be upgraded during the next few months. The two buildings, which were constructed in 1898 and 1907, will be completely redeveloped and modernised in the medium term.
May 2014
The long-awaited H&M store opened in the centre of Celle at a site that measures 1,800 square metres and is divided into two floors. People literally stormed into the new shop. The location of the Swedish fashion chain in the city centre is helping to revitalise the area.
November 2013
Work on the shell of the building has started. The foundation slap is being poured during the first part of the work.
June 2013
Loft apartments with a bike parking spot directly in the flat are being created in the building above the retail space.
April 2013
C&A, Reno, “dm”, a chemist’s and an Asian market have found a new, modern home in the former Hertie department store – right next to the Turmstrasse underground station and not far from the government district.
March 2013
Before the new H&M store can open in Celle, the building is being comprehensively refurbished and reconstructed. The first stages involve gutting and dismantling the building for further expansion. The timber-frame building on Zöllnerstrasse demands a sensitive approach from the complete MIB team.
August 2012
The Ilverspassage on Magdeburger Allee is open and REWE is enhancing the food retail sector in the Erfurt district of Ilversgehofen. A local boutique, bakery, butcher’s, flower shop and MäcGeiz supplement the shops in the arcade, which is right next to a residential area.
April 2012
It is a building tradition – the roof timbers are complete, so the topping out ceremony can start. An important part of the building work has been completed. Workers, the builder and politicians toasted what had been achieved so far. Another six months until the opening of the inner-city shopping centre.
July 2011
The city council in Fürth endorsed the planning and investment concept presented by MIB by a large majority. Our concept for the shopping centre in the inner-city area of Fürth met with approval. The final shape of the Neue Mitte centre will be decided in an architects’ workshop.
May 2011
Ground-breaking ceremony in Lutherstadt Wittenberg
The State Premier of Saxony-Anhalt, Reiner Haseloff, and Wittenberg’s mayor, Eckhard Naumann, launched the major, inner-city retail project with a ground-breaking ceremony. For more than 20 years, the town of Wittenberg has been working to heal an urban wound at Arsenalplatz at the heart of the town, which has been wasteland for more than 300 years. MIB will construct a shopping centre at the heart of the town by the autumn of 2012 as a joint venture with OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH, a subsidiary of the Hessen-Thüringen State Bank. The people of Wittenberg and their visitors can then go shopping at 55 stores spread over two floors.
October 2010
The Chinon Center located between Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, directly in the old part of Hofheim, now invites customers to enjoy a new shopping experience.
September 2009
The historic Café Felsche on Augustusplatz was destroyed 66 years ago. The site is now home to a new building designed by the Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat and a new structure for Leipzig University. The upper floors house offices and medical practice rooms. The Café Felsche is also home to the first suite hotel in Germany with 18 five-star suites, but without the typical service. The Vapiano restaurant chain offers freshly prepared pasta and pizzas on the ground floor, as customers look on.
June 2009
The German Chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel, paid tribute to the development of the Leipzig cotton spinning mill with an official speech to mark its 125th anniversary. Originally built as a factory, the site is now a firm favourite for creative artists well beyond the borders of Leipzig.
May 2008
The ground-breaking ceremony marked the start of construction work for the Donaupark centre. The new residential area includes investments in 82 apartments.
February 2008
A fairly small shopping centre is planned for Hofheim am Taunus right next to the old part of the town. Our concept has attracted great support from the town authorities and the people of Hofheim. We have already purchased the plot of land measuring about 12,000 square metres.
June 2007
The city of Leipzig is selling a small plot of land located right next to Augustusplatz to MIB. The well-known Café Felsche stood on this site before the Second World War. The modern version of the café will house a restaurant, apartments, offices, practices and a boarding house.
January 2007
The housing complex on Rudolstädter Weg was acquired and completely refurbished eight years ago. British forces’ families used the housing complex, which was leased by the Federal Republic of Germany. Working with our partner, Auf der Höh’ Immobilien GmbH, Wuppertal, it was possible to sell the site to capital investors and owner occupiers after the troops pulled out.
May 2006
The office and business building on Wilmersdorfer Strasse 62/63 is being acquired. It will be converted and relet. The Wilmersdorfer Strasse/corner of Kantstrasse is one of the busiest places in Berlin.
March 2006
Leipzig’s Messehofpassage is modern, bright and a customer magnet, now that it has been refurbished. C&A will present its range of products here at a site measuring 3,500 square metres, supplemented by a variety of other retail concepts.
October 2004
The Leipzig Cultural Foundation is awarding the Hieronymus Lotter Prize for Historic Preservation for the renovation of the Stelzenhaus. The main criterion for the awarding of the prize is a particularly exemplary repair in terms of monument protection.
June 2005
New magnificence – Messehaus am Markt in Leipzig The Messehaus am Markt (Trade Fair Centre) right on Marktplatz has a new elegant facade. Everything is new inside too. A very modern office and commercial building is now available. Well-known tenants include Zara, Douglas and H&M.
March 2002
High-end apartments, offices and retail outlets will be created right on the corner of Unter den Linden/Friedrichstrasse.
January 2004
The complete refurbishment work on the former trade fair building will continue until the end of 2005. H&M, Zara, Douglas and Apollo Optik are already definite tenants. The building will receive a completely new façade made of shell limestone, aluminium and glass. The Leipzig firm of architects Weis &Volkmann has designed the complete project.


Vision, founding, expansion

June 2011
Founding of GermanReal
MIB Asset Management GmbH, Leipzig, is expanding its range of services to include commercial building management. It is redefining itself with its partners and will become GermanReal Asset & Property Management GmbH. It will move into new premises in Mädler-Passage.
Branch in the north west
The colleagues at the newly founded MIB Nord GmbH will operate from Hanover.
November 2000
Headquarters moved to Berlin
Renamed MIB AG Immobilien und Beteiligungen, the headquarters moved to Friedrichstrasse in Berlin and marked the launch of pooling all the companies under the umbrella of MIB AG.
August 1994 - July 2000
Wilhelminian period
Purchase and refurbishment of more than 40, mostly listed apartment buildings in Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin.
May 2009
New office on the Ku'damm
MIB AG moves its company headquarters within Berlin to Kurfürstendamm 42.
February 2007
Safeguarding the value of property
MIB Asset Management GmbH is being established to cope with more extensive projects in an efficient manner. This will make it possible to act in a professional way to provide the interface function between investment requirements on the one hand and the interests of tenants, authorities, banks and services providers etc. on the other: value creation through structured management.
July 2000
A new parent company
Takeover of MIB Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Aktiengesellschaft, Leipzig.
August 1994
The start
Founding of SMK Haus-und Grundstücks- Handelsgesellschaft mbH and Kaiser GmbH in Würzburg (both later incorporated in MIB Projektentwicklung GmbH); opening of the branch in Leipzig.

Being a partner means working with each other on an equal footing - with local authorities, building firms, chain store operators, tenants, banks, family offices – on the spot.

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